There is nothing quite as painful as getting your heart broken.
Breakups are extremely difficult.
Anyone who has experienced the anxiety and general misery that come with the end of a relationship will agree.
It’s a tough time we all go through at one point or another.
While it may seem overwhelming, not every outcome of a bad breakup needs to be negative. There are ways you can use that raw emotional energy to your benefit.
You can harness it, master it and use it to grow.
A positive way to do so is to take all of that condensed anger and sadness and redirect it toward a better future.
The best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to pick up your passport, pack a duffel bag and go travel. The easiest way to get over something is to get away from it all, get some perspective and figure out you can be OK on your own.
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Invest your anxieties into making a cure for your broken heart. Go and conquer the world and you’ll know you can conquer anything.
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1. You will get away from the comfort of familiarity.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but no, not always; being away from the situation and its suffocating familiarity actually calms your mind and body and soothes your heart. The joy of travelling and seeing beautiful sights all around you enables you to forget even if it’s just for a while, what you left burning behind you.
2. It tells you That You Can Handle Everything Just Fine
Being with yourself and managing all the unexpected situations that arise, teaches you that in managing them, you are also calming your own inner storm. Things that you would otherwise depend on your partner to do for you, you start doing yourself. May it be cooking a simple meal, or lifting that heavy baggage on you own; realisation hits you and it brings that long hidden smile to your face.
3.You are Complete and you are Enough
Being in a relationship, you and your partner start doing things together. Shopping, groceries, travelling, driving, everything, is split by two. However, as soon as you are on the road, embarking on a new lifestyle in a new place, you begin to do things on your own. Slowly at first and then picking up pace to, and this brings you to that all powerful revelation- ‘Nobody Completes You’, you are complete on your own and you are enough to handle anything that life throws at you.
4. The Only Way to Move Forward is Letting Go
Packing, unpacking, airport baggage rules and souvenirs for friends back home- a large part of travelling involves living out of a suitcase and you would want it light enough to be carried along. Why not apply the same principle to life too? Make sure you take along only lessons, never regrets and least of all hatred.
5. You Will Learn to Manage Things Better
Instead of taking your partners needs into consideration wherever and whenever you plan simple things, you will now see it for yourself that you can manage your time as well as finances much better. Being on your own teaches you that the beauty of life can be found in small moments, something as simple as getting a good deal on flights just because you booked it in time
6. You Will Find Newer Friends and Meet Many Interesting People
Believe it or not, despite all the horror stories you hear, you will meet new people and make friends with them once you set out on your quest. After being together for a significant amount of time, no doubt that your friend circles have become homogenous and in order to ever hope to get over the break-up it is important to extricate yourself from them. Meeting new people, who are usually travellers with the same interest as you, enables you to enhance your own people skills. However, it is important to note that you must exercise appropriate caution in doing so.
7. You Will Smile Again and Your Heart Will Become Lighter
With these amazing friends that you meet in new places, you will feel like cherishing memories and storing them for nostalgia later and thus, you will click photographs. What you don’t know is that, while saying “Cheeeesssseee!” your own heart is becoming lighter and happier as it releases endorphins. (Yes, there are studies to support that claim) Eventually your heart will smile along with your lips and you will learn to be happier!
8. It helps you Adapt and Change when necessary
Travelling with different people, acclimatising to different situations, gauging the trustworthiness of the other person and finally adapting your own nature to suit the lifestyle of your destination, all of them help you realize that change is the only constant. Realizing the importance in turn will lead to you adapting to the ‘single’ status far better!